What you get:

  • Psychometric and leadership assessments  (e.g. 360, MBTI, Enneagram)
  • Personalized development plan  
  • Weekly to bi-weekly coaching session
  • Support via phone, email between sessions
  • Leadership tools:  eg. strategic planning, communication, collaboration, stakeholder management, change management
  • Relevant books, articles, websites
  • On the job observation (if appropriate)
  • Alignment/feedback meetings with manager
  • Final report and evaluation

​Welcome to​​​​ Great Leader Consulting, LLC 


  • Short-Term Coaching:  Five to Eight Sessions, with the coaching process lasting two to four months. The focus is on a specific topic that can be addressed in a short period of time.
  • Long-Term Coaching: 12 to 15 Sessions, with the  coaching process lasting six to nine months. The focus is on multiple goals allowing for in-depth outcomes.

Would you like to discuss our coaching services?  Contact polly@greatleaderconsulting.com                     

Coaching Focus Areas (Examples)

  • Leadership/Professional Transition: e.g.  inflection point in career, new role, expanded role, promotion
  • Skill Development: e.g.  high performance teams, interpersonal communication, power and presence, cross functional collaboration, vision and strategy, building networks and relationships
  • Executive Presence: mobilizing others to act, influencing at a broader level,  demonstrating poise and confidence in all situations
  • Emotional Intelligence: building more self-awareness and understanding of others;  EQ is the leading indicator of professional and personal success
  • Relationships: building more meaningful personal and professional relationships ​

Coaching  is a confidential, collaborative partnership designed to help you achieve 
higher levels of excellence and experience deeper personal satisfaction.  Coaching will help you realize and employ your full potential, bring an enriched leadership style to your organization, expand your impact, and capture the passion of your teams.